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Live Competition Registration

Preliminary Round
For Live Solo & Virtual Solo Division Competitions: Please submit by 1st June 2023 a video recording of your performance. (The video recording need to be the selected competition piece, and recent recording of not more than 6 months old)
Early Bird Registration: Registration will start from 1st March 2023, get 5% discount of early bird registration online before 31st March, Video submission by 1st May.  
We welcome participants to participate in both categories if they wish to.
Category & Age Limit
Competing members cannot exceed the indicated age limit of each category as of 1 June 2023.
Eg.: Children Category (1/6/2015 or later).
Repertoire & Timing
Only One piece is accepted for Solo Competition except Young Artistic Piano Competition. Please note that Preliminary submission piece will be same as Finals.
There is no minimum performance time required. Eg. If the category states a max of 4 minutes, you are allowed to submit a piece which is 1 minute.
If participant’s chosen repertoire exceed the stated time limit, an extra fee ($40 per minute) is applicable for the submission.
Submit Online For Registration
  1. Completed online Registration Form
  2. Picture of individual or Ensemble Group
  3. A photo copy of participant’s Identity Card or Birth Certificate (JPG file)
  4. Video Recording 
  5. Registration Fee
    * Please state participant name on the payment slip.

    * Email a copy of payment slip to info@srimf.sg. There will be no refunds for withdrawals or after online application has been submitted.
Solo Competition Video Submission Guideline
Specifications for the video submission are as follows:
  • Layout: Landscape Mode
  • Quality: 1920 X 1080 HD
  • Format: .mp4 or .mov file
  • Audio: Source from video camera or DSLR is recommended
The entire performance must be one take, without any editing. Recordings must be made no earlier than 6 months prior to the registration dateline.
  • Please tune your instrument before the start of the recording. Tuning does not need to be recorded.
  • Ensure that the video consistently captures the performer and the instrument, including the full length of the bow.

Virtual Competition

Virtual SOLO Competition – Video Submission
Registration Dateline: 1st June 2023
Virtual Finals competition will be broadcast on 15 July 2023
Virtual Chamber/Ensemble – Video Submission
Registration Dateline: 1st June 2023
Submitted video will be broadcast on 15 July 2023

Live Competition

Live SOLO Competition – Screening Round Video Submission
Registration Dateline: 1st June 2023
You will receive email notification by 10 June if you are selected for Final LIVE Round in 22-25 July 2023.
Screening round Video repertoire should be the same piece presented in Finals.
* Please contact us if you have an issue with this due to covid-19 reasons.
Live Chamber/Ensemble Competition
Registration Dateline: 1st June 2023
Video Screening is not required for Chamber/Ensemble categories.


Virtual and Live Final Competition
SRIMF 2023 Live Competition Finals will be held on 22 – 25 July in Singapore.
Virtual Final Competition will be broadcast online on 15 July.
String & Woodwind participants are required to arrange their own accompanists.
The Live and Virtual competitions are separate competitions.
Adjudicating and Awards are separate for Live and Virtual.


Competition Results
Results of Final Competition will be announced on the same day after competition, Please check SRIMF Website and Facebook page for updates and announcements.


Award Ceremony / Gala Concert
Winners will be represented at the Award Ceremony on 25 July 2023 to receive certificate and award. 
One representative of the Ensemble can collect on the group’s behalf.
Selected Top Prize Winners who will perform in the Gala Concert will be contacted via phone.