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SRIMF is formed by Singapore renowned artists and international artistic organizations that believes in flourishing creativity through diversity. This belief sets the path for Raffles Arts to promote mutual studies and communications amongst worldwide professionals, as well as passionate amateurs, thus creating a vibrant artistic cultural community.
SRIMF specializes in organizing worldwide artistic programmes. This includes local and international music competitions, performances, conferences, Festivals, exhibitions, and exchange programmes. Our artists have made significant contribution in promoting international cultural exchanges, and in the nurturing of young talents in arts through frequent organization, or participation of various events such as the Singapore Arts Festival, Harp Festival, International Youth Violin and Piano Competition, Singapore National Parade, Singapore Youth Festival, Chingay, ChildAid Charity Shows.
We want to bring in other countries’ cultural performing arts into Singapore, and at the same time, we aim to promote Singapore’s unique cultural arts to other parts of the world, to foster closer relations between countries.