Good News! A new season of Rising Star London Competition (Season II) will be opened in May 2020.
All Competitions will be conduced via Video Submissions. Winners will be selected from video screening and Certificate of achievements will be mailed to you winners in due course.

Rising Star London Competition Application (Season II)

The application will open from 1st May – 31st July, 2020.
The results will be announced in 2 weeks time once we receive the Video submission.

How to Apply

To apply for the Competition, participants must submit:
  1. A completed online Application Form.
  2. Send the link of your video in YouTube or WeTransfer to info@viennavirtuosofestival.com. Applicants who provided a link to a YouTube video do not need to mail a DVD.
  3. Biography and photo e-mailed to info@viennavirtuosofestival.com.
    • Biography of the applicant in MS Word format (not to exceed 80 words). Include past participation in competitions, festivals and other public events. Portrait photo in electronic format, to be used for the Competition brochure printing.
  4. Application Fee.
For more information of London Festival Competition, please visit : RISING STAR 2020 LONDON FESTIVAL COMPETITION (SEASON II)