Woodwind 木管

W1 Children Category Age 7 and Below Born after 01/06/2016 One Piece Within 4 Mins
W2 Junior A Category Age 9 and Below Born after 01/06/2014 Within 5 Mins
W3 Junior B Category Age 12 and Below Born after 01/06/2011 Within 6 Mins
W4 Youth Category Age 16 and Below Born after 01/06/2007 Within 8 Mins
W8 Young Artistic Category Age 25 and Below Born after 01/06/1998 Set Piece Within 12 Mins
* Candidates are allowed to enroll for more than one category.
** One free choice of repertoire from 4 music periods such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary (Earlier 20th Century) are accepted. Repertoire from ABRSM syllabus is also acceptable.
*** There is no minimum performance time required. Eg. If the category states a max of 4 minutes, you are allowed to submit a piece which is 1 minute.
***** Participant’s chosen repertoire exceeds the stated time limit within 1 minute is permitted with an extra fee of $40 is applicable for the submission. All repertoire time limit exceed more than 1 minute is not acceptable.
For more information, please visit: FAQ.

2024 SRIMF Young Artistic Category Woodwind Competition Repertoire (W8)


Participants are required to play ONE of the following works from the list below:
First movement of ONE of the following concerto:
  • Leclair Flute Concerto in C op.7 no.3
  • Mozart Flute Concerto No.2 in D Major, K.314
  • Mozart Flute Concerto in G Major, K.313
  • Quantz Flute Concerto in G no.297
  • Blavet Flute Concerto in A minor op.4
  • Gluck Flute Concerto in G major op.4
  • C.P.E.Bach Flute Concerto in D minor Wq.22
  • Luigi Boccherini Flute Concerto in D op.27
  • Carl Stamitz Flute Concerto in G major Op.29
  • Anton Stamitz Flute Concerto in D major
  • Hoffmeister Flute Concerto no.4 in D
  • Devienne Flute Concerto no.2 in D major
  • Devienne Flute Concerto no.7 in E minor
  • Devienne Flute Concerto no.8 in G major
  • Mercadante Flute Concerto in F major
  • Mercadante Flute Concerto in E minor
  • Vilém Blodek Flute Concerto in D major
  • Jacques Ibert Flute Concerto
  • L.Berkeley Flute Concerto op.36
  • M.Arnold Flute Concerto no.1 op.45
  • M.Arnold Flute Concerto no.2 op.111


Participants are required to play ONE of the following works from the list below:
  • Weber Clarinet Concertino in C Minor/Eb Major Op. 26 J. 109 (1st Movement)
  • Wilson Clarinet Concerto (Any Movement)
  • Stimitz Clarinet Concerto No. 3 in Bb (1st Movement)
  • Krommer Clarinet Concerto in Eb, Op. 36 (1st Movement)
  • Adagio e Trantella by Ernesto Cavalline
  • Premiere Rhapsodie by Debussy
  • Five Bagatelles by Finzi (1st & 5th Movement)
  • Clarinet Sonata by Saint-Saens (4th / Last Movement)
  • G. Rossini Introduction, Theme and Variations


Participants are required to play ONE of the following works from the list below:
First movement of Classical to 20th Century Concertos:
  • J. S. Bach: Sonata in Eb, BWV 1031
  • Ronald Binge: Concerto for Alto Saxophone
  • Paul Bonneau: Suite for Alto Saxophone
  • Creston: Rapsodie for Alto Saxophone and Piano
  • Fiocco: Concerto for Tenor Saxophone
  • Paul Harvey: Concertino for Soprano Xaxophone


Participants are required to play ONE of the following works from the list below:
First movement of Classical to 20th Century Concertos:
  • Albinoni: Concerto in Bb, Op.7 No.3
  • M. Arnold: Concerto, Op.39
  • Handel: Concerto No.3 in G minor
  • Mozart: Concerto in C, K.314
  • Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor, RV 461
  • Vivaldi: Concerto in D minor
  • Boughton: Concerto no.1 in C
* Please Note-Repertoire list is subject to change. (updated 1 Jan, 2024)

Adjudication & Evaluation

Competition will be evaluated on a 100-point system based on the following criteria:
  1. Technicality (40%) Intonation, Rhythm, Tonal Qualities, Dynamics, and Balance;
  2. Musicality (40%) Phrasing, Interpretation, and Style;
  3. Overall impression (20%) Expression and Overall Artistic Impression.
Each participant will receive a Jury’s Comments sheet which aims to offer professional insights into their level of performance for their progression in their music journey.

Awards & Certificate

GOLD 95 & Above S$300, Certificate & Trophy
SILVER 90 & Above S$200, Certificate & Trophy
BRONZE 88 & Above S$100, Certificate & Trophy
ELITE 85 & Above Certificate & Medal
PARTICIPATION Below 75 Certificate
Certificates, Trophies, and Medals are given to the winners during the gala concert day.
* Cash Prize is awarded for Live Competition Categories only. Virtual Competition winners will be awarded Certificate.
** No cash prize is awarded to categories with less than 13 participating groups.
*** If there are multiple winners receiving the same award, the cash prize is shared equally to participants receiving the same award.

Application Requirements

Children Category S$200
Junior A Category S$220
Junior B Category S$240
Youth Category S$320
Young Artistic Category S$420

Steps of Registration

Step 1: Fill in Online Registration Form
(Include Personal Photo and Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Student Card)
Step 2: Upload the recording by choosing YouTube.
(Please refer to the FAQ for your reference.)
The following information of Content must be clearly stated in the description:
  • “SRIMF Competition 2024” (Kindly set to unlist mode)
  • Participant Name and Age
  • Category and Instrument
  • Repertoire List
Step 3: Make payment to complete your registration by Bank Transfer or Cheque.
Participants will need to provide the application festival payment slip copy.
Please Take Note:
The 2024 SRIMF Competition is open for application under the SRIMF 2024 LIVE or VIRTUAL Competition.
Do note that the virtual competition is not a live-streaming competition.
Solo Live participants and Virtual participants are required to submit a video recording of their performance for the Preliminary round.
The Registration Process:
You will receive an automated email from Once your registration is received. Please allow up to 7 days for your application to be processed.
* For any enquiries, please contact us at:
* Updated on: 1 Feb 2024

Registration Opens: 1 March - 15 May 2024