SRIMF MUSIC Competition Requirement


Violin / Viola / Cello
Flute / Oboe / Clarinet / Saxophone
Grade 1-4 / Grade 5-8
  • Violin / Cello Ensemble (Duet, Trio, Quartet and more performers)
  • Woodwind Ensemble (Duet, Trio, Quartet and more performers)
  • Piano Duet (4 Hands), Piano Trio
  • Harp Chamber & Harp Ensemble
  • String Ensemble (8 to 30 performers)
  • Brass Band (8 to 30 performers)
  • Guitar Band (8 to 30 performers)

Rules and Regulations

  • Musicians of all nationalities worldwide may apply up to four competition divisions.
  • If applying for more than one division, applicants must complete separate applications and pay the required fee for each individual division.
  • Piano accompaniment is a required for the Soloist Live competition.
  • All applicants may apply in categories where they are under the minimum age limit, provided they meet the entry level and requirements.
  • Contestants must have their pieces memorized with the exception of the required Sonata works and Chamber Music. Accompanists are exempt.
  • The order of performances will be determined by the organizers.
  • The Competition Committee reserve the right to cancel any competition category should the total participants are less than 10 pax (For Solo Division). The Competition Committee reserves the right to cancel the Cash Award when there are less than 10 participants in the Solo category.
  • All the submitted video with application must be unedited. Contestants can submit the video via YouTube URL or mail DVD for application.
  • Contestant agree and understand that competition committee have right to use all the submitted material including photos, recordings, videos or any uploaded information in any situation.
  • The committee reserves the right to reschedule the competition in the case of a natural emergency.
  • The jury is permitted to award the same ranking to several contestants. In the event of a tie, the jury may divide the monetary prize equally between the prizewinners.
  • The jury retains the right to stop any performance without objection from the contestants.
  • Unauthorized photography, audio, and/or video recordings are strictly prohibited. The committee reserves the sole right to record and document the competition. The committee also has the right to release any recordings (such as DVDs, CDs, etc.) for publicity or commercial purposes without seeking further approval from the contestants or making payments of any kind to them. The contestants agree that all copyrights of these recordings belong to the Competition Committee.
  • The committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules and regulations, and all supporting materials relating to the competition at any time without further notice.

* Updated on 31 March 2021.